Your technology's department.


Specialized in development a variety of management’s softwares and CRMs for small, medium and large enterprises.


A skillfull team with long expeirence sets ready to fulfill all your needs to assist you in building powerful and modern websites. For hosting we’re in partnership with a powerful leading ISP in Europe.


More than 10 years we’ve been sponsoring some of the largest educational establishment’s development in Egypt, corporating to develop modern educational expeirence.


We provide
creative solutions 
for all your needs!

“Your technology department” is our company motto and it’s there for a reason, starting from basic advices to support you for your information technology needs, to keep your establishment and projects updated with modern solutions with the help of our expierenced team for more than 20 years.


All you need in one place.

Whatever if you’re starting new project or developing your business to keep up with the modern structure, we will accompany you to achieve your success and more.


If you seeking a ready to go system or you wish for a custom software to manage your special business with pricing plans suitable to any businesses however if it’s big or small our skilled developers are eager to assist you by all means as well as strong and persistent support team.

For example for our ready to go softwares such as AccMS for accounting management systems, StoreMS for storage management systems, SalesMS for managing clients and sales, HrMS for human resourcing. And many more…


Our expierenced IT team are here to simplfy building or rebuilding of your infrastructure while keeping the cost as low as possible with maximum efficency to meet your growing buisness needs. We’re skilled to build large networks infrastructures including Lan, Wifi, Fiber, CCTV…

Our team is certified to adminstrate systems like Windows, Linux, IOS, Andriod, CISCO, and more…
We also can provide you with our expertise in Remote System Administrating, Maintenance Services, Fire Alarm Systems,  Automation, Access Control Systems, Signal Boost, Smart Appliance and more…


One of the critical keys to grow your business success is marketing, and with the help of our professional graphic designers you can perfect your Vouchers, Flyers, Banners, Posters, 3D Advertising Signage and Figurines and other advertising documents.

We also provide you with our services for digital marketing starting from designing and hosting your website for affordable prices, and optimize it for search engines (SEO) and Google Ads and advertising on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube…

State Of The Art 3D Printers

We’re not exaggerating when we say state of the art, cause simply we are the manufacturer of our own printers, we don’t import fully assembled, we proudly design, assemble, run our machines by our own hands. When you buy from us, rest assured that if it ever happened and a malfunction occured, you can easily contact us anytime to find your replacement part.


Bring your Designs And Projects To Life!

Overthinking about your graduation project even if it was simple, 3D printed objects even a complex one? Or got a cool idea or want to print your favorite figure? With the help of WMTech you can contact us anytime through our official website or on our social media plateform to order your amazing design in awesome quality.


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