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A comprehensive overview of revenues and expenses is crucial for effective financial management and decision-making.

Our Accounting Management System provides powerful tools to track, analyze, and monitor your organization’s financial performance, and data-driven decisions in real-time.
AccMS extend any organization basic requirements to a strategic managements system that add value to financial reports, and global oversight to the decision maker.

AccMS is an integrated solution that cover all aspects of financial management including tracking and controlling fixed assets, supplies, cash flow, revenues, expenses…Support multiple currency with auto updated rates, currency exchanges settlements. AccMS also support multiple cost centers which flex to your organization demands. Briefly AccMS include all tools that the financial decampment can eventually needs…

AccMS act as a global accounts book to different systems which provide those systems with the guides and the authorization to perform any financial operations, and gather all the organization financial operations directly in one place, to maintain the needs for a real-time data decision making, accurate and up-to-date.

main features

  • Accounts book
  • Multiple currencies
  • Cost centers
  • Assets register & depreciations
  • Salary calculation
  • Financial reports


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Accounts book

Establish a standardized coding system for revenues, expenses, stores, customers, and suppliers with an extended account book that supports up to five levels of main account each account supports up to 99999 accounts to fill any organization's need. Also, each account can support multiple currencies that act as sub-account.

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Multiple currencies

With the support of multiple currencies, exchanges settlements and the support of manual or automatous rates updates, with the integrated calculation of currencies trades incomes, your reports are more accurate and in real time.

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Cost centers

AccMS support multiples cost centers, so the any organization can simply calculate incomes and expenses per cost center on the fly with an intelligent way to divide the indirect costs and incomes in order to monitor the financial impact of each cost center on the overall profitability

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Assets register & depreciations

Assets managements inventory, cost, and real time depreciations, manage your organization like never before.

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Financial reports

Generate detailed reports, analyze revenue and expenses, identify top-performing cost center, use historical revenue data to forecast future revenue trends.

Web based application

As a web-based application, no needs to install client’s applications. No hassle in creating and administrating servers. Backup made private and can be transmitted to clients drive directly.


All our CSMS software are capable to be installed on any devices, platform. Once the user is logged in, the system will prompt to install the app.


The system is designed to easy to use and less time consuming, we provide the easiest ways to insert files or attaches documents with cutting-edge technology ex: google map to complete and validate addresses and others, to make the user experiance more enjoyable

Users managements

No users’ limitations, as long as the school need, new users are always welcome without any additional fees, the user interface is adapted dynamically by them privileges customized per the administrator, with the possibility to be updated in any giving time. Each system come with predefined user’s group who we can customize its privileges, or selected per individual user

Public website

As a complete solution we offer you the possibility to host directly the school public website.

General modules

Every system is equipped with a messages module, calendars, cloud storage, to-do’s so the users will never have to leave the system.

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8.000,00 EGP
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