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A cutting edge all in one solution designed by experts in finance that aim to manage and handle any type of enterprise commercial, industrial, or utilities, from stocks to branches, StoreMS is all you need to Follow-up and Control your stock, very flexible and extensible software that adapt easy to fit any need, and keep tracking of consumptions, accounts and the others.

Goods and stock are very important assets and any organization while controlling the flow is a very hard task, we provide a wide variety of specialized commands like expenses and assets, custodies commands, decimated goods and more … to made one of the easiest software on the market to use while maintain the rich contents and reports.

main features

  • Sales Administration
  • Stock Control and Inventory Management
  • Invoices Management
  • Sell orders & clients accounts
  • Suppliers Operations and Accounts
  • Extendable products index, categorization & bundling:
  • Automated replenishment & Purchase automation:
  • Inventory stocks and cost
  • Accounts book
  • Various command type


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Sales Administration:

Generate detailed reports on daily revenue performance. Analyze revenue by category, product, customer, or any custom parameter. Identify top-performing revenue streams and areas for improvement. Analyze sells data to gain insights into sales patterns, revenue trends, and customer behavior, seamlessly integrate with accounting software for streamlined financial management and automate the transfer of sells data to accounting systems for accurate record-keeping

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Stock Control and Inventory Management:

Efficient Maintain real-time visibility of inventory levels, control and evaluation of stock levels and optimize of inventory, minimum and maximum stock level notifications. Track stock movements, including transfers, and withdrawals, with all known stock cost evaluation (e.g., FIFO, LIFO, weighted average and more..).

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Invoices Management

Generate invoices automatically based on sales orders or transactions, send it directly from the system to ETA invoicing portal.

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Sell orders & clients accounts

Every organization even not target selling in some case need to sell from its inventory, so we provide a full optional selling module, that track clients’ orders, accounts, and refunds

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Suppliers Operations and Accounts:

Maintain a centralized database of suppliers, including contact information, payment terms, and contract details, evaluate supplier performance based on criteria such as on-time delivery, quality, and responsiveness, Facilitate communication with suppliers through integrated messaging.

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Extendable products index, categorization & bundling

An extendible product indexing with up to 5 nested categorizations, and full of options to customize products data like cost calculation method, taxes appliance, photo galleries, expiration, reserved, stock and so many options that make StoreMS responsive for any kind of products. Also accept services as products, and the ability to bundle many products in one.

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Automated replenishment & Purchase automation

Keep track of stock levels and customize your need per season based on historical data, automate purchases orders based on those data while comparing suppliers based on these rates.

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Inventory stocks and cost:

Easy create inventories and automate stock adjustments in few steps, also evaluate your stocks with simple procedures.

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extensive Accounts book

With the integrated extendable Accounts book, establish a standardized coding system for revenues, expenses, stores, customers, and suppliers’ cash and bank. Generate detailed reports that provide a comprehensive view of expenses, revenue, and analyze expense patterns.

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Various command type:

Automate assets registry insertion when chose assets commands. Keep track of custodies by the custody commands. Transfer products between branches with transfer command. Many features build with experiences to maintain high usability and functionality of the system.

Web based application

As a web-based application, no needs to install client’s applications. No hassle in creating and administrating servers. Backup made private and can be transmitted to clients drive directly.


All our CSMS software are capable to be installed on any devices, platform. Once the user is logged in, the system will prompt to install the app.


The system is designed to easy to use and less time consuming, we provide the easiest ways to insert files or attaches documents with cutting-edge technology ex: google map to complete and validate addresses and others, to make the user experiance more enjoyable

Users managements

No users’ limitations, as long as the school need, new users are always welcome without any additional fees, the user interface is adapted dynamically by them privileges customized per the administrator, with the possibility to be updated in any giving time. Each system come with predefined user’s group who we can customize its privileges, or selected per individual user

Public website

As a complete solution we offer you the possibility to host directly the school public website.

General modules

Every system is equipped with a messages module, calendars, cloud storage, to-do’s so the users will never have to leave the system.


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25.000,00 EGP
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