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Managing school fees, payments status, discounts and school activity is a hard task that requires accuracy and simplicity. We designed a system that simplifies all these tasks while maintaining a high level of flexibility to easily adapt to each case.

The safe management system is a software that connects to one or more SMS to acquire and calculate each student fees, calculate incomes, follow late payers, and most importantly manage and school cash flow.

SafeMS can connect also to AccMS to use it as a global accounts’ directory or work without AccMS with minor limitations.

main features 

  • School fees
  • ETA Einvoicing
  • Activities
  • Bus membership fees
  • Multi payment modes
  • Special payment schedules per students
  • Profiles & discounts
  • Cash Flow
  • Multiple currency


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School fees

Adding a fee to a selected group or student is a time consuming and a hard work job that can take a lot of resources, as fees calculation gets more complex by the day. SafeMS simplifies calculating student fees and other fees as easy as a click of a button. SafeMS calculates school fees and assigns it to the designated student, invoicing it and sending it to AccMS to be archived, stored, and reviewed by the accounting staff to achieve generate accurate reports. SafeMS works with the student wallet system, fees profile, discounts, customizes payments schedule per student, list students, get late payers report send direct messages to notify parents

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ETA Einvoicing

Invoicing your invoices can be challenging job for even the experts in the taxes field, and keeping up with everyday trends and technology in a demanding world is not easy. but with SafeMS it can be done by a beginner or even a trainee. it’s so easy that it can be invoiced in 5 minutes including the training to do it.

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Adding and creating activities is a time-consuming job that takes the right planning and accurate information and data collecting from every student. SafeMS can issue the activity fees and customize it to every student in no time plus generating reports with accurate and dependable information that you can rely on

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Bus membership fees:

Applying a fee and issuing it can be a different operation depending on your POV. SafeMS with its linking and coordinating between it and BusMS can make the time between the parent paying the bus fee and the bus knowing that a new student had joined the school bus can be a matter of seconds while calculating the route to the student’s home and applying it to the driver path in the matter of seconds

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Multi payment modes

Support visa, transfer, Fawry… you can customize the payment method and attach it cost directly to be posted to expenses.

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Special payment schedules per costumer:

In a world where the costumer is always right no certain category can be applied on all the people hint SafeMS is the most flexible on scheduling payments and making exceptions for every kind of situation that can face the costumer. SafeMS can add categories with different installment rates.

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Profiles & discounts:

SafeMS can make customized profile for discounts and discount rates for every scenario that may accrue with multiple and adjustable settings to make supervising and reporting easier and more precise and accurate decisions.

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Cash Flow:

SafeMS offers a traditional way to deal with cash. Also support multiple safes, one per user, with flexible reports and tracking. Users can also pay expenses and to a cash transfer to other safe or bank.

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Multiple currency

SafeMS with it’s API can real-time track currency change and currency stocks and send that data to be archived momentarily to then be processed and used to make useful information and to ensure that you have maximum.

Web based application

As a web-based application, no needs to install client’s applications. No hassle in creating and administrating servers. Backup made private and can be transmitted to clients drive directly.


All our CSMS software are capable to be installed on any devices, platform. Once the user is logged in, the system will prompt to install the app.


The system is designed to easy to use and less time consuming, we provide the easiest ways to insert files or attaches documents with cutting-edge technology ex: google map to complete and validate addresses and others, to make the user experiance more enjoyable

Users managements

No users’ limitations, as long as the school need, new users are always welcome without any additional fees, the user interface is adapted dynamically by them privileges customized per the administrator, with the possibility to be updated in any giving time. Each system come with predefined user’s group who we can customize its privileges, or selected per individual user

Public website

As a complete solution we offer you the possibility to host directly the school public website.

General modules

Every system is equipped with a messages module, calendars, cloud storage, to-do’s so the users will never have to leave the system.


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14.500,00 EGP
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