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From attendances to taxes, the HrMS is all what your organization needs to manage human resources gather attendance, calculate lates with high flexibility and customization, insurance, loans and more…

HrMS is a cutting-edge human resources management system that provides all human resources tools and requirements based on user assigned privilege .

The software supports multi branched and multi cost centers to achieve high flexibility and precision.

With its integrated application the employees can check in and out, and monitor in real life their penalties and bonus, request absence, and more.


main features

  • Employees data
  • Evaluations
  • Attendance
  • Loans
  • Structures & branches
  • Salary calculation
  • Employee assessment & task
  • File Archives
  • Calendar & messages


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Employees data

Employee Reports are accessible and rich, hide or display data depends on user privileges, take employee photo shot, print his ID Card…, simply manage all employee data in one place.

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HrMS offers an innovative and functional way to evaluate employee’s performance by allowing the management or the HR department to make the criteria that’s more critical in this job and evaluating it based on their POV.

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HrMS offers multiple options to retrieve attendances data either per its integrated mobile app that allow the employee to sign-in once he has been located in the organization zone, or by connecting to attendances devices to seamlessly calculate penalties, discounts for unauthorized absences.

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With its build in Loan module, the decision maker can approve employee loan and make plan for his payments schedules to be imbedded directly in salary calculation.

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Structures & branches

With the support of multi branches, each branches have its own hierarchy map, that let the decision maker to easily find the blank spots and the missing stuffs, and authorize the personnel with permission to evaluate.

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Salary calculation

Design based of job salary profiles, but also each employee salary profile can be customized independently to achieve max flexibility. And support employee’s payment methods to generate order per resources. The social insurance and taxes are maintained up to date by the new regulation orders.

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Employee assessment & task

ToDo, Calendar and Messages, three modules that makes creating a task and assigning it to stuff or department and /or group of employees, and monitor its response and evaluate the employee upon their task completed and time of response, just in few click or even better; from your mobile device.

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File Archives

In an evolving world towards technology finding an employee document is an extremely time-consuming task to do, HrMS offers an online solution to scan and store those valuable documents without the need of scanner in a just few clicks, to always be just at your fingertips.

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Calendar & messages

manage events, meetings, task to group of employees, send messages per branch, department, job, and monitor its read status to be sure that the information have been send to who is concerned.

Web based application

As a web-based application, no needs to install client’s applications. No hassle in creating and administrating servers. Backup made private and can be transmitted to clients drive directly.


All our CSMS software are capable to be installed on any devices, platform. Once the user is logged in, the system will prompt to install the app.


The system is designed to easy to use and less time consuming, we provide the easiest ways to insert files or attaches documents with cutting-edge technology ex: google map to complete and validate addresses and others, to make the user experiance more enjoyable

Users managements

No users’ limitations, as long as the school need, new users are always welcome without any additional fees, the user interface is adapted dynamically by them privileges customized per the administrator, with the possibility to be updated in any giving time. Each system come with predefined user’s group who we can customize its privileges, or selected per individual user

Public website

As a complete solution we offer you the possibility to host directly the school public website.

General modules

Every system is equipped with a messages module, calendars, cloud storage, to-do’s so the users will never have to leave the system.


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15.000,00 EGP
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