Empower your organization with our cutting-edge Human Resource Management System From managing attendances to handling taxes, The comprehensive solution your organization needs. It efficiently tracks attendance, calculates lateness with unparalleled flexibility and customization, and oversees various aspects such as insurance, loans, and more.

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Advanced Human Resources Management System designed to meet all your HR needs. With customizable user privileges, it offers a comprehensive tools for efficient workforce across multiple branches and cost centers. Its integrated features enable employees to conveniently monitor real-time data such as check-ins, penalties, bonuses & absence requests, providing seamless HR operations.



Connect with other Management Systems seamlessly to elevate your efficiency

Accounting Management System
An integrated solution that covers all aspects of financial management including tracking and controlling fixed assets, supplies, cash flow, revenues, expenses…Support multiple currency with auto updated rates, currency exchanges settlements.
Designed by IT experts and experienced school managers. Combined with eLearning capabilities and flexibility to run various education systems, The essential needs of schools. organize tasks and reports. calendars, events, messages, schedules, marks, attendance, behaviors, and a lot more.

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