Empowering large institutions since 2012, Designed by IT experts and experienced school managers. Combined with eLearning capabilities and flexibility to run various education systems, Nominated as one of the most comprehensive student management systems. brings all the essential needs of schools into one simple platform. Communication is easy and organized, tasks and reports can be customized with ease, Covering areas such as calendars, events, messages, schedules, marks, attendance, behaviors, and alot more.

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The student’s management system school life is a solution for handling all basic administrative tasks, admissions, various students reports, attendances, behaviors, messaging, school activities, medical files, events creation and school calendar…

As one of CSMS systems the SMS can communicate with other school departments like SafeMS to retrieve student payment status, the bus membership, the supplies commands, retrieve stuff from HrMS and more.

SMS eLearn is an extension to the SMS school life that provides a student-teacher communication tunnel and adds more functionality to the system like marks, schedules, homework, tasks, document sharing and much more… It also provides a supervisor’s interface to monitor teacher performance and class progress.


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Accounting Management System
Accounting Management System
An integrated solution that covers all aspects of financial management including tracking and controlling fixed assets, supplies, cash flow, revenues, expenses…Support multiple currency with auto updated rates, currency exchanges settlements.
Store Management System
Goods and stock are very important assets and any organization while controlling the flow is a very hard task, we provide a wide variety of specialized commands like expenses and assets, custodies commands, decimated goods and more …
Bus Management System
Manage buses membership, fees, rotation, buses expenses and more…
School fees Safes
Management System
The safe management system is a software that connects to one or more SMS to acquire and calculate each student fees, calculate incomes, follow late payers, and most importantly manage and school cash flow.
human resources Management system - software solution
Human Resources Management System
A cutting-edge human resources management system that provides all human resources tools and requirements.

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