SMS eLearn

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SMS eLearn is an extension to the SMS school life that provides a student-teacher communication tunnel and adds more functionality to the system like marks, schedules, homework, tasks, and document sharing, provides a supervisor’s interface to monitor teacher performance and class progress, and much more…

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SMS eLearn Features:

Student – Teacher interface:

Tones of tunnels available on any platform or device that aim to organize teachers to students’ communications, teachers can assign homework based on the current lesson form the schedule, or can create free tasks with deadlines and monitor students’ progress and achievements, or even send a direct message and monitor its read status per student and more…


Online Gradebook & certificates:

Marks is a very scalable module that adapts for every grade depending on the marks calculation method, which makes it able to serve grades from KG to Y12 and also different education systems.


Lessons and assignments:

It all begins with a dynamic schedule that flexes by week and a rich lessons content to monitor subjects progress and activity, which gives us a pretty timeline to revise lesson by lesson. Each section consists of a title, and main activity the teacher can attach a lesson summary, assign homework, and add public or private notes. The timeline also can be inspected per the supervisors to check the usage of educational, and practical tools.


Personalized schedules:

In order to maintain the ease of use each student will have its own schedule depending on the subjects assigned to him, also mandatory for IG divisions.


Documents cloud:

Each user, if allowed on settings, can have its own cloud space where he can store and share documents with other users on the systems.

Teachers can also share media in their subject’s folder which will be auto shared with the students and them supervisors of this subject


Google Services:

Many Google APIs have been integrated to affiliate the power of google service with our systems to bring you more. The teachers can eventually bring their google drive files directly into the system and use the system class list to share those files with the desired student, also can set up meetings, or send messages via classroom…


Supervising & evaluations:

SMS provide may aspect that analyze teacher progress, activities and the educational and technology tools used, which lead to maximize the efficacity of the systems



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SMS eLearn
22.000,00 EGP
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