After 12 years from our first release, after the success of our old version we announce the last release of our beloved system which combines the latest technologies that offer more features and capability which elevate your production and add more accessibility plus saving time and efforts.



The complete school management system is a combination of software that manages every division of the school from academic to financial balances passing by student administration, human resources, stores & supplies, activity & bus memberships & libraries & more ….

The CSMS has been adapted to work with any academic institution (National sys., American sys, IG sys. French sys & more…) and can be customized as the school needs which means it can be installed individually for every school division and all are linked to other modules flawlessly.




with a system that have been integrated and developed over the last decade to comply with all needs of some of the largest campus of Egypt and abroad, and with the mobile abilities and the integration of the last web technologies and Google services & ETA invoicing API, The CSMS is the best solution for a school that aim embrace the today technology and be on the top of the loop.




  • Online admission and management system.
  • Online interface for school fees payments and follow up.
  • Mobile applications.
  • E-invoicing.
  • School supplies management.
  • Google services (classroom, drive, calendar, meet…).



Academic View

With cutting edge technologies, we provide tools that fill all the school needs from A-Z:

  • Students’ administration (classes list, budgets, ministry reports and more…).
  • School life (attendances, behaviors, lates, exit permissions…);
  • Marks & certificates (adaptive per education system, easy to generate and send).
  • Students, parents’ interfaces (homework, task, schedule, marks….).
  • Principles, supervisors, coordinators (every employee has its own job and its own interface).
  • Secured messaging module that connects every user.

Financial View

With a system designed & elaborated by IT administrators & financial engineers that have worked in the educational institution for over 15 years, we build a collection of software that covers every corner in the school departments. With such experience we build a system easy to use which allow the user focus on his task without the real need of complicated training or efforts.



System Components:

SafeMS School fees Safes

The safe management system is a software that connects to one or more SMS to acquire and calculate each student fees, calculate incomes, follow late payers, and most importantly manage and school cash flow.

StoreMS management system

Goods and stock are very important assets and any organization while controlling the flow is a very hard task, we provide a wide variety of specialized commands like expenses and assets, custodies commands, decimated goods and more …

BusMS management system

Manage buses membership, fees, rotation, buses expenses and more…


HrMS Human resources management system

A cutting-edge human resources management system that provides all human resources tools and requirements.

AccMS management system

An integrated solution that covers all aspects of financial management including tracking and controlling fixed assets, supplies, cash flow, revenues, expenses…Support multiple currency with auto updated rates, currency exchanges settlements.

60.000,00 EGP
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