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The student management system school life is a solution for handling all basic administrative tasks, admissions, various student reports, attendances, behaviors, messaging, school activities, medical files, events creation, and school calendar…


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SMS Features:

Online admission form

Parent can easily fill form for admission request, and the system with notify the admins to treat the file, the application pass through various steps highly customizable upon school needs each step send email(optionally) to the parent to notify the for the next step, till it treated as accepted or rejected.

Students Managements:

Generate customized reports or choses between a variety of preinstalled reports  (like budgets, statistics, ministry reports, newcomers, withdraw list, scholarly certificates, ID cards and more…


Manually insert absences or use our sophisticated attendance plugin to get attendances either by facial recognition, app sign in from student device within school parameters, or scan QR codes from student’s id cards. We provide multiple ways so you can adapt it as you suit and make one of the hardest tasks easy and reliable. Also, you can choose to send absent notifications to the parent upon a desired number of absences.


Adding communication and records for misbehaving is one of the important aspects for education stability as we can keep track of the student behavior and assign sanctions, notify parents. We also keep track of lates as a main and a different aspect of student behavior.


After having a function class list, we can easily send messages or email parents or students directly by selecting the desired class or grade or the whole school, and we may even be able to select its teachers, coordinators or principals.


School calendar:

Shared calendar across all the schools with the ability to create events and assign participants, auto notifications and more…


School activity:

Create activity and assign its membership, follow the participants, message them, group them, follow payments…


Medical records tracking:

Medical department will also be able to consult student medical files. Consult and add vaccination tracks, add medical visit to the clinic and notify parent in need



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20.000,00 EGP
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