SMS – School Life

SMS – School Life

  • Dynamic class schedules for each week and class summaries.
  • Management of degrees, customize certificates and controls grading according to different systems (American, British, French, German, IG, Egyptian).
  • Interface for students and parents to follow homework, school life, schedule, marks and more…
  • Messaging channels between parents students, teachers and administration.
  • Lessons planning, summary, homework, activity…
  • Interface for principals, head department, teachers and coordinators.
  • Customized questions bank and e-books.
  • Online homework and exams.
  • Cloud for sharing files between teachers, students, and users.

General Features

Remote Access

The ability to operate the system from any device (Computer, Phone And Tablet) and from any internet browser.

Cloud Backups

The program features full backup of all data daily and automatically.

Multilingual Interface​

Enabling each and individual user to customize his account to a certain language.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited users and detailed permissions & privileges granted for each individual or a group of users.

Data Exporting

The ability to export reports and data on Excel Sheets.

Cost Centers

Multiple cost centers to calculate direct and indirect income and expenses.

Instant Messaging & Outbound Emails

The programs are characterized by sending internal and external messages, alerts, and correspondence by email.

Automated Effect

All programs are linked to each other to achieve the centralization of data and ensures the accuracy and direct immediate effect that the program performs automatically.