Safes Management Sys.

Safes Management Sys.

Schools fees and safes Management system.

  • Managing school fees, books fees, bus fees according to the school’s policies.
  • Calculate discount and support Multiples profiles.
  • Follow-up school various activities membership  and payments.
  • Methods of payment like cash, visa, banks transfers, and checks for inbound and reports.
  • supports Multiple currencies.
  • Checks outbound report.
  • Automated data transfer between SMS, BusMS, StoreMS, HrMS And AccMS.

A general accounting program with a simplified interface that is great for all categories of users as you can follow up on customer accounts, suppliers and cash transactions at any time from anywhere in the world with utmost accuracy and ease. The automatic exchange rate periodically makes it the ideal guide for exchange companies and import and export companies. It is equipped with a powerful search engine to meet all required reports

Live Demo

To test our demo please The folowing credentioal to acess the live demo:

  • System administrator:

    Access all system feature and control settings, users, and more…

    • Username: superadmin
    • Password: superadmin
  • cashier:

    Access all system feature and control settings, users, and more…

    • Username: cashier
    • Password: cashier

School Fees

Inserting the opening balances manually for the first time in the fixed assets records, then the exporting is done automatically for the upcoming years, determining the depreciation rates for the fixed assets, reviewing the depreciation results using the equal and decreasing installment policy, reviewing the total depreciation expense for the year and creating a record for depreciation.

Activities and trips

Determine the cost centers within the company, whether it is more than one activity or more than one branch. Reports of revenues and expenses, income list, budget and statistics for each cost center. With the possibility of adding cost centers in groups