LAB Sys.

LAB Sys.

  • Unlimited users registration & and their history of previous tests done in the lab.
  • A platform for each registered patient to check on his ongoing tests, and any history of previous ones.
  • Efficient Website & built in Management interface for ease of access.
  • Multi langual.
  • Mobile friendly and Web-based without any installation processes.
  • Quick modifications and storing changes. For instance, lab tests prices, branches, etc.
  • Mail forwarding system to directly send the results for the registered patients upon finishing it.
  • Quick access gadgets on the main dashboard
  • Free SSL Certification to maximize the security.

Two in one.

Now you can manage your business way more easier and cutting your budget to half, instead of looking for a separate website and a reliable management system for your business we’re offering you a solution. A website with a built in management system made specifically to haste the process of your business. Giving you the chance to monitor and control every aspect of your business, without the need of any installations, you can easily access it through your phone as it’s mobile friendly and web based.

Customizable analysis information.

Simplified customer portal to login and view his lab test status or any previous ones


Optimized delivery.

Printable receipt given to each customer containing their credentials so they can access the website and view their test status plus a scannable QR Code to navigate directly to their login portal.

Multiple branches and or sections.

A page dedicated for the branches and how to access to them through Google Maps with the possibility of adding branches easily through the interface, you can browse the historical data for the tests performed for each customer in each branch or section and the daily and monthly revenue and any time period for them.

Organizing lab customers.

An interface let’s you to customize all the customers under the sections & branches, adding and reviewing their data (Individuals, Companies, Contracts, …) and reviewing historical data for the services performed for each client and setting prices for each group of clients.

Live Demo

To test our demo please The folowing credentioal to acess the live demo:

  • System administrator:

    Access all system feature and control settings, users, and more…

    • Username: superadmin
    • Password: superadmin
  • cashier:

    Access all system feature and control settings, users, and more…

    • Username: cashier
    • Password: cashier