Systems Development

If you seeking a ready to go system or you wish for a custom software to manage your special business with pricing plans suitable to any businesses however if it’s big or small our skilled developers are eager to assist you by all means, skilled with almost all recent programming language we are able to provide  you with edge applications on cloud or private servers and accampain you all the way to mastering and developing your application  as well as strong and persistent support team that always assit you and your employee to maximize the profit of our solutions..

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Complete Business Management System

over years of developing, we came up with customizable systems composed from multiple applications that communicate asynchronously together to achieve all your business needs in one place, with no minimum effort and great efficiency. 

Our system is web based system that can be accessed with any device PC, Tab or phone also working in all system and without the need to install client applications and also accessed everywhere so your business stay in your pocket wherever you go.

Complete Business Management System

Complete School Management System


Complete School Management System

As leaders  in education system and with a implantation over 10 year im schools management, finance, and academic digital development we created and maintained a complete Solution for small or very big campus that fulfill all the campus needs.

 the system is cosmoziable to each campus need and up to seven type of softwares that work together in harmony to give you an updated status and information about your establishment whatever your work in finance or academic you will find a very useful an studied solution that give you even what you haven’t think about it yet. The system is composed  of students management system, Elearning system and portal, school fees and activity system, human resources management system, storage management system, bus Management system, library management system and accounting management system

The system is also adapted to various of educational systems( American, British, French, Germain, IGCSE, National) and interfaced in 4 different languages for ease of use. and 2 Database language for multi-lang reports.

Or Ready To Go Softwares

a web based applications that work individually or together and run on the cloud or in local servers, with a very affordable  prices